Treasury Single Account

Treasury Single Account system allows centralized management of governments' cash resources, therefore minimizing borrowing costs of public monetary resources, rational management of temporarily idle funds and more efficient and effective execution of the State Treasury payments.

Objectives of the Treasury Single Account:

  • to improve the efficiency of the state treasury management, and to promote transparency,
  • to provide payment and account management services,
  • to consolidate and centralize the funds of state enterprises in a single system,
  • to manage state and foreign financial instruments, loans, etc.,
  • to reduce costs and dependency on private commercial banks.

Treasury Single Account system is an essential infrastructure for the management, security, and transparency of public funds, and that it is therefore crucial for the institutions to work with trusted suppliers such as Forbis.

Forbis has a proven track record of successful implementation of the TSA on time and within budget, and is ready to export the solution abroad.