You are a pioneer. We are here to support you.

You came as a revolution with all the potential to reshape the way the financial services are delivered, and we are fascinated by your speed, your passion, and your ideas.

You have to move fast, but be careful: since financial crisis, the regulating bodies have created even more complex regulations for the financial industry to follow. That is the reason why you need a reliable technology to assist you on compliance and regulatory-related activities.

But you don’t have to re-invent things that are ready and running for many years. Our system allows simplified management of financial products, services, accounting and compliance for any fintech. It is a powerful banking system, now available as an affordable service.

Compliant and comprehensive banking platform available to you for a reasonable monthly price. We understand startups and our pricing reflects that. System’s flexibility ensures that you can use only those features and tools, which are needed on the current stage of your development. Our API and extensive system integration experience ensures that your service is seamless, secure and compliant. Take the center stage, while we ensure smooth operation behind the scene.

With us, you are free to grow your idea. We have you covered.