We are hiring

Integration solutions product manager

Welcome, our future Colleague, the Integration solutions product manager!

It would be great if you:

  • Have worked in web applications or online payment products development teams;
  • Know the users’ needs and web mobile applications usage habits and want to improve the user’s experience;
  • Are able to analyse technical and integration solutions;
  • Have knowledge of API development, support and versioning;
  • Have knowledge of authentication and authorisation methods and tools;
  • Have a higher education (preferably in a field of exact sciences);
  • Write, read, and communicate in English.

We will consider the following an advantage:

  • Experience of working with information systems, knowledge and experience in system integrations;
  • Experience of working with web or mobile applications in a bank or fintech company;
  • Knowledge of programming and IT terms.

Together with our team, we plan the following work tasks for you:

  • Developing new products and services, improving the implementations of existing products by working in teams with developers, designers and UI/UX designers;
  • Analysing technical and integration solutions and making proposals for their optimisation;
  • Preparing requirements analysis documents, specifications and documentation for users;
  • Formulating tasks for developers and testing the solutions developed.

Together with the team, we plan to involve You in the following tasks:

  • Creation of new products and services, enhancing of the existing products’ sales by working in teams with programmers, project managers, and UI/UX designers;
  • Analysis of technical and integration solutions, provision of suggestions for their efficiency;
  • Preparation of the documents on the requirements’ analysis, specifications, other user documentation;
  • Formulation of tasks for programmers, and testing the developed solutions.

If you join us, we shall agree on the following:

  • Flexible working hours;
  • The possibility of working from home;
  • Extra days off;
  • Purchase of training materials;
  • Ways to stay healthy and in good spirits.


  • 2000-3400 €/month before tax.
Additional basket of motivational benefits:
  • Extra days off;
  • Training;
  • Professional books;
  • Health insurance;
  • Wellness services;
  • Purchase of equipment.