Jan 15, 2019
Forbis, the maker of the FORPOST financial services platform, recently completed a 15-million-euro project for a core banking system which enabled a pan-Baltic business transformation at Danske Bank. It as a rare example of a major IT transformation project finished on time, on scope and on budget. And with no business disruptions. EY Baltics served as the independent programme consultant.
Jan 03, 2019
There are numerous cases worldwide when criminal groups and individuals sought to legalise dirty money or integrate it into a legal financial system. According to the data of the United Nations Organisation, the amount of money laundered worldwide every year is from USD 800 billion to 2 trillion. These amounts correspond to 2–5 per cent of the global GDP.
Dec 21, 2018
Best wishes for the holiday season and a very happy New Year!
Nov 12, 2018
As financial industry is getting more and more digitalized, we are too: Forbis is developing a project of completely automated payment institution, which will minimize expenses for business, make payments easier and reduce costs of services for customers. The establisher of Forbis, Andrej Zujev, shares his insights of ‘Contomobile’ app and other changes: